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Secrets to Creating a Phenomenal Proposal

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What makes the difference between ‘average’ and ‘extraordinary’?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a proposal that barely gets you a yes and one that gets told and retold until it becomes something of an urban legend?

“The difference lies in being able to take your proposal to the next level, adding that magical element and really building suspense all the way through.”

You are about to embark on one of the most amazing moments in your life. One shot is all you get and that is exactly why I’m writing to you, and men like you. We want you to create a captivating moment, one that your lady will see how much you love her and come to respect and honour you for the man that you are. We are here to help guide you and make sure it’s a moment she will never forget.

Richie’s Story

A Proposal Unlike Any Other

Let’s take a look at what I mean when I say “extraordinary”…

Richie built up Georgia’s engagement hopes — then dashed them — two years earlier on a holiday in Spain. Watch as this self-confessed “unromantic” now gets it right with an extraordinary marriage proposal.

Despite the end result, one thing almost stopped Richie from getting help…

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"What people would think of me getting help to propose crossed my mind a lot. What would Georgia think of it? But with the amount of work and detail that went into it, I had a massive input into it all. Pitch & Woo took my ideas and made them a reality." – Richie, Australia
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76% of men don’t seek help and try to go it alone…

– MensHealth.com

Kristian’s Story

Romance is Power

Kristian knew he wanted to do something better than ordinary when he proposed: he wanted to leave her speechless.

Kristian had a few ideas in terms of what he wanted to do, he just needed a little help finessing them. He knew that to do that, he’d need to make an investment. Kristian says…

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"Pitch & Woo is a unique service and the information provided in The Marriage Proposal Kit really made planning my proposal so straight forward and simple. I really enjoyed planning it… who would have thought!" –Kristian, Australia

We’ve create a Marriage Proposal Kit, a guidebook to help make you an expert on all things proposal related.

The kit will provide you with the basics on what you must consider before planning your proposal. The key however is the opportunity to work one on one with Pitch & Woo to take your proposal to a whole new level. It’s on these calls that you workshop your ideas, develop them and begin to put your plan in place for what will be an incredible proposal and captivating experience that you create. Here’s how to get the most out of The Marriage Proposal Kit…

step 1

Read the kit from beginning to end and try not to skip chapters.

step 2

Watch all the video introductions and proposal examples.

step 3

Grab a pen and paper and complete all the exercises… they really do help.

step 4

Start bringing together all the parts of your proposal to form your plan.

Much of the information that appears in The Marriage Proposal Kit you won’t find anywhere else. Where else can you learn about:

Finding the right time to propose: Get this one wrong and you might find yourself in an awkward situation.

How to match your proposal to her expectations. The way you pop the question isn’t about you, it’s about her and giving her an experience she’s always dreamed of. Flash mobs and hot air balloons aren't always appropriate.

Igniting your creative spark to get all the marriage proposal ideas you’ll need.

Unlocking the power of “The Domino Effect”. Know how to arrange all the steps on the day so that everything happens when you expect it to — and you have a backup plan for if things go wrong.

What you need to think about when getting someone to help you coordinate the day so you can leave the details in their hands and focus on popping the Big Question.

The four C’s of choosing a ring: What matters? And what doesn’t? – All of this is covered in…

The Marriage Proposal Kit

essential kit
Interactive Marriage Proposal Kit
7 Step video series
1x 30min Coaching Call
Buy now - $67
premium kit-feature
Interactive Marriage Proposal Kit
7 Step video series
3x 20min Coaching Calls
Buy now - $295
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Interactive Marriage Proposal Kit
7 Step video series
1x 30min Coaching Call
Buy now - $149

Find out what you stand to gain for yourself and your relationship.

Complete The DIY Marriage Proposal Kit – it won’t take long. It’s been designed for busy, time-poor professionals like yourself. After you’ve studied it, you’ll know how to craft a one-of-a-kind marriage proposal that leaves her speechless.

Need more guidance with your proposal?

‘The Works’ includes everything you could possibly imagine, however we only work with select few clients each year and selection is by interview process to ensure it’s the right fit. If you’re interested in this package, please email us here.

Guaranteed to Leave Her Speechless

And, of course, The Marriage Proposal Kit comes with a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If, after working through the Kit, you feel like it hasn’t helped you craft an extraordinary marriage proposal, simply return it to us.

We’d love you to tell us why so we can make the Kit better. We won’t hassle you. And we’ll promptly give you a full refund.

100 risk free

We work with people all over the world…

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25% of women didn’t love their proposal!

– TheKnot.com


Your proposal is an investment in romance & what you stand for.

By now, you’re probably wondering who I am. My name’s Jonathan Krywicki, and I’m the founder of Pitch & Woo. After my proposal to my wife Karyn grabbed media attention, I had blokes, just like yourself, coming up to me and asking for help.

I cannot promise you she’ll say yes just because you craft an extraordinary proposal using The Marriage Proposal Kit. But I can guarantee she’ll be sure of how much you care about what truly matters to her.

To your successful — and unique — proposal,


Founder, Pitch & Woo

P.S. Don’t delay! An extraordinary marriage proposal that will leave her speechless takes planning. Leave it to the last minute and you risk an average proposal that may disappoint your partner. Order The Marriage Proposal Kit today.

Buy now - From $67

Still have questions? Email us here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this Kit and can it really help me with my proposal?

The fact that you are here, reading this means that you want to go above and beyond and create a proposal moment that will show your partner how much you love her, how special she is to you and how you can't wait to share the rest of your life with her.

This Kit will help you do exactly that, it will challenge your thinking and show you how to create a really special moment that is perfect for your partner and your relationship with her.

The Kit will serve as your personal guide and help you every step of the way.

Could you propose without the help of the Kit?

Sure. But we think that if you want to create something truly remarkable you’re going to have to step outside of your comfort zone and really think outside the square. After all, it’s not every day that you get an opportunity like this to plan something so special. This Kit will help you do exactly that; it will challenge your thinking and show you how to create a really special moment that is perfect for your partner and your relationship with her. The Kit will serve as your personal guide and help you every step of the way.

How long does the Kit take to go through?

The Kit has been designed to be really easy to follow and go through. There is a video introduction for each of the sections which is accompanied by examples, images and exercises you can complete.

All together the Kit should take no longer than 1-2 hours to complete. We recommend going through it at least twice; that way you can ensure you haven’t missed anything.

What happens if I’m still stuck for ideas after completing the Kit?

The Kit is really the first step in the proposal planning process. It’s designed to get you thinking and give you an understanding of how to think about and plan your proposal. If you find that you’re still having a creativity block after reviewing the Kit you might want to think about purchasing the premium package which includes a one-on-one coaching call with Pitch & Woo.

On this call we help you work through and finesse your current ideas for your proposal, at the end of the call you will be clear on the direction to take and how to get started with the blueprint for your proposal.

How does the coaching call work?

The coaching call is part of both the premium and experience packages. Pitch & Woo will arrange a time to call you and help work through your proposal ideas. We recommend that you have the call once you have gone through the Kit. The call goes for 30 minutes and we’re confident that by the end of it you will be clear on the way forward for your proposal.

How does the Premium Kit work?

This is the top tier package and includes the Kit, three coaching calls and is part of a three week program, where we really guide you through the entire process and help ensure you are on track, all the way. We have a call each week, work through your concept and the planning and send you weekly email updates with specific insights and ideas you can use for your proposal.

We also send you a list of the best places to propose based on your location. All you need to do is organise the various elements of your proposal once it’s planned and then just let it happen.

What happens if the Kit just doesn’t work for me?

If you feel that you didn’t get value from the Kit in anyway, then we really want to chat with you to find out why. Firstly we will, without question give you a full refund, but we’d love to get your feedback so that we can improve the Kit and ensure that others don’t feel the same way as you.

Who have you helped before and how did it help them?

We’ve helped many clients over the years with their proposals. Some are top secret and can’t be spoken about and some we can talk about. In the sections above we’ve included client testimonials, we worked closely with all our clients to help make their proposal ideas a reality.

Universally, the outcomes have always been the same. Their partners were literally blown away with the moments they created and were always lost for words.

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